My Wonderful country Moldova!

You see what is writing on the news, you hear different things about my country, Moldova, but you can’t read what is happening in our hearts. No one writes about what is happening in our minds. We still love Moldova…?!

This nation is a hardworking one, we love life, we are humble, we are creative, we like to give, to live, we love God, we are patriots…we are trying to be patriots, but it’s so hard!

To be a patriot it requires to be proud with your country, to have what to be proud of. We have what to be proud of….we have thousands of things to be proud of, but we forget, we don’t pay attention, we lost our hope, we lost our faith…

….is it because we have bad people…?

well…. every nation does..

…and their acts are covering all the good and the beautiful that we have… 

How we can yell louder to be heard? 

…just continuing to love our country!

Would you like to have a taste of the amazing things and amazing people we have here?

The old and amazing Chisinau City! The journey! Enjoy it!

The beautiful people who sing in English to be heard by countries from Europe and also by USA ,to get a chance of selling the amazing fruits that we have there, after Russia destroyed tons of apples from Moldova last year because of it’s weird politics. 😦

And all this talented singers who just makes you proud to call yourself a Moldovan. Young people who are passionate, persevering and giving our country a voice! 

We are the poorest country in Europe, but we still have plenty things to be proud of. 

We love Moldova.

We just pray for Godly people to rule it, to love it and to care for it and it’s people. 


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